If you are new to Showbox, let me be the one to welcome you to this community. The Showbox app is a simple app that provides a vast library of online videos ranging from TV shows, movies, sports, documentaries, and many more. And we will help you to learn how to use Showbox right here and right now.

Use Showbox on Android Device

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What is Showbox?

The Showbox is the best Android online video streaming app. It is free to download, install and use. And despite the fact that it is free, it is comparable to the best-paid video streaming apps that are available now.

This app uses active servers worldwide to give all its users the latest and greatest movies and TV shows that you can find on the internet. So it is safe to say that if the video is available online, it must be available at the Showbox library. And it is yours to watch and even download.

The Showbox app is also a generous app that lets you download any video from its library for offline use. You can choose from video resolution of 360p up to 4K. Yes, this app supports 4K if your device supports it as well and if the server or source can provide it as well.

How to Use Showbox

Using the Showbox app is easy and pretty straightforward. Thanks to its user-friendly graphical UI, even your grandmother can navigate its way through the app.

The app supports navigation alphabetically or chronologically to make it easy for you to look for the movie or any shows. You may also arrange the videos according to their genre, popularity, and date of release. So if you are looking for the latest or the oldest video title, you can use this function to give you the ease of access that you want.

To help you easily learn how to use Showbox, here is a short guide. Try to get yourself familiarized with the user-interface.

#1. From your Android device app list, tap on the Showbox icon to launch the app.

Launch Showbox

#2. Once the app displays its home screen, you may navigate to the available shows on the home screen or use the menu.

Showbox Menu

#3. The Showbox menu is located at the top-left corner of the screen. It is the one with the three lines button.

#4. You may tap on the Movies to see the latest movies.

#5. You may also tap on the TV to see the latest TV show releases.

#6. Or you can tap on Trailer, New Releases, or the latest News.

Showbox Options

#7. To change some local settings, you may do so by accessing the Settings button at the bottom of the menu.

Showbox Settings

#8. On the video list, you may arrange the library according to their date, genre, or their rating.

Arrange Videos

Features of Showbox

  • The app is free to download and use.
  • Showbox supports subtitles which are best for those individuals with hearing problems.
  • Showbox does not require its users to register, sign up, or provide their email address just to get access to the app’s vast library. Launch and use it as much as you want and watch videos as long as you can.
  • User-friendly graphical user interface.
  • Arrange the videos alphabetically and chronologically.
  • Supports video resolution from 360p up to 4K if it is available from the source or if your device can play it.
  • The app allows download of any videos from the app so you can watch your favorite shows or movies for later when you have no internet connection or if you go to a place without data connectivity.

In Conclusion

The Showbox app is a great alternative to HBO Go, Hulu, or Netflix. And the fact that this app is free is a great deal enticing. If you choose the Showbox app, what more could you ask for? What do you have to lose? It is literally an all-in-one entertainment app.

So what do you think of Showbox overall experience? Do you think this app will stay on your device for a very long time? Tell us what you think. We would love to know your thoughts and perhaps some input as well regarding this app.

If you have other concerns or even questions about today’s article, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to help you out as soon as we can.